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Our Products
We are proud to offer four versions of our unique Unit Aware™ calculator software. Each is available for both Windows and Pocket PC.
Basic Advantage™
A great general purpose calculator.
More information on Advantage™
Scientific Advantage™
A unique and powerful scientific calculator.
More information on Scientific Advantage™
Construction Advantage™
The ultimate builder's construction calculator.
More information on Construction Advantage™
Ultimate Advantage™
All the features of our other calculators packed into one.
More information on Ultimate Advantage™
Our calculators have a rich set of features, including:
  • Unit Awareness - Unique ability to not only convert units, but to compute with units as well
  • Feet-inch-fractions - Enter, display, and convert values in feet, inches, and fractions (e.g., 122' 9-17/32")
  • Unit Buttons - User customizable unit buttons for quick access to most frequently used units
  • Algebraic or RPN Entry - Your choice of algebraic or Reverse Polish Notation entry
  • Display Precision - Options include fixed decimal places and significant figures
  • Paperless Tape - Keeps track of recenly entered values - with their units
  • Memory - Store, recall, add (M+), and subtract (M-) values - with their units
Click "More Info" above to learn about the additional features of each of these calculators.

See our Feature Comparison Table to see the differences between these calculators.
Download an Evaluation Copy
The evaluation versions have the same features as the licensed versions.

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