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Software Update Download
These updates are recommended for all users with earlier versions or builds. For information on what has changed, see our Revision Log
To see which version you currently have installed, click/tap the help button (question mark) and select "About..." on the menu; the version and build are listed on this window.
If you have not already registed, these updates will install as evaluation versions.
See important instructions at right.
Basic Advantage™
Version: 2.0 Build: 18
  Windows   Basic Advantage™ - Windows
  Pocket PC   Basic Advantage™ - Pocket PC
Scientific Advantage™
Version: 2.0 Build: 18
  Windows   Scientific Advantage™ - Windows
  Pocket PC   Scientific Advantage™ - Pocket PC
Construction Advantage™
Version: 2.0 Build: 18
  Windows   Construction Advantage™ - Windows
  Pocket PC   Construction Advantage™ - Pocket PC
Ultimate Advantage™
Version: 2.0 Build: 18
  Windows   Ultimate Advantage™ - Windows
  Pocket PC   Ultimate Advantage™ - Pocket PC
Windows Instructions
System Requirements
  • PC with Microsoft's Windows operating system
  • Microsoft's .NET Framework (available from Microsoft's Windows Update site)
Checking for Framework
The setup program will check for the .NET Framework and let you know if you need to install it.
After Download
Double-click on the downloaded file to launch the setup.
Pocket PC Instructions
System Requirements
  • PDA with Microsoft's Pocket PC operating system (2002 or later)
  • Microsoft's .NET Compact Framework (included on Pocket PC 2003 and available from Microsoft: Download Compact Framework)
Checking for Framework
If you want to check your device for the Framework before downloading, tap Settings on the Start menu, select the System tab, and tap Remove Programs. If you have the Framework, the list of programs will include "Microsoft .NET Compact Framework".
After Download
After download, make sure that your PDA is connected to your PC and that ActiveSync is installed, then double-click on the downloaded file to launch the setup.