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Update Recommendation
We recommend that all users update to the latest version.
Installing an Update
Simply download and install the new version 'on top of' your current version.
Revision Log
Version 2.0 Build 18
  • Fixed display refresh problem affecting the Stair Solver on the Pocket PC version.
  • Fixed problem with the equals key on the Mini Keypad for Construction Advantage.
Version 2.0 Build 17
  • Fixed an entry problem with feet-inch-fraction values that occured when using RPN mode with the options checked to "use last units displayed for newly entered values" and to "reduce fractions to least common denominator". The error caused the denominator for a new entry to be the same as the previous entry, instead of resetting to the default denominator selected in the entry options.
Version 2.0 Build 16
  • Fixed a display problem with the Windows version that occurred when the operating system was set to use large fonts
  • Corrected a problem with the Pocket PC version that caused the unit selection dialog to stay open if an item already selected in the list was selected (tapped)
Version 2.0 Build 15
  • Modified the display of currency values to use the regional settings for the number of decimal places to show
  • Modified program shutdown code to request that the .NET Framework collect (free) memory that is no longer used by the calculator software. (Note that this is not strictly necessary (since the Framework will free the memory when another application needs it), but this helps address concerns of several customers using the Pocket PC versions)
  • Corrected an error (introduced in Build 13) that caused a crash on the Windows (e.g., desktop) version when accessing the memory tab
  • Corrected errors in the installation packages for Build 14 that resulted in (1) the Pocket PC versions unnecessarily checking for the .NET Framework on the desktop computer and (2) incorrectly including the executable for Build 13 instead of Build 14 in some of the installation packages
Version 2.0 Build 13
  • Corrected conversion error involving some molar quantities such as gram/mol
  • Corrected display error on Currency Exchange Rates dialog that occurred when using certain localization settings
  • Corrected temperature conversion error affecting Basic Advantage only
  • Improved efficiency of system memory use (primarily a benefit on the Pocket PC)
  • Added several nautical units (nautical miles, fathoms, knots, etc.)
Version 2.0 Build 12
  • Corrected a temperature conversion error affecting some negative Fahrenheit temperatures
  • Corrected several broken links in the help files
  • Improved the display of the stopwatch on the Windows version to show milliseconds while the stopwatch is running
Version 2.0 Build 9
  • Added several units requested by users (Ultimate and Scientific Advantage)
  • Added exchange rates requested by users (Ultimate Advantage)
  • Added "Always on Top" option (All PC versions)
Version 2.0 Build 8
  • Fixed problem in the Pocket PC versions where the countdown timer stopped counting when the device is turned off.
  • Fixed a couple of misspellings of units in the program code that caused a crash when trying to recall a few of the constants, and could have caused a crash with a few computed units.
  • Modified help so that the various models (Ultimate, Scientific, etc.) share no names for graphics files. This prevents conflicts if more than one of these models is installed on the same Pocket PC.
Version 2.0 Build 7
  • Fixed a problem displaying the mini keypad in Basic Advantage and Construction Advantage
Version 2.0 Build 6
  • Fixed an error in the setup that prevented saving new exchange rates when they are retrieved from the web
  • Fixed an error in the context menu for the main display that occured when the Windows clipboard was empty
  • Improved the operation of the stack display (available in RPN mode) to indicate the stack position and to recall a value that is selected on the stack (i.e., make a copy of the value and place it in the X position on the stack)
  • Added an additional currency (Dominican Pesos) to Ultimate Advantage
Version 2.0 Build 5
  • Fixed an error with operation of the Math keypad in Basic and Construction Advantage
  • Fixed links for some help topics on Pocket PC versions
  • Improved sizing of the X value on the main display to help prevent the value from overlapping the Fraction radio button
  • Fixed minor display problems with the main tabs
  • Fixed an error that occurred on the Estimator (in Construction and Ultimate Advantage) if a blank field was selected and the Convert button was pressed
  • Fixed problem with display of the About window on Basic Advantage
  • Fixed typographic error in Stairs Solver and misspelling of the word 'Default'
Version 2.0 Build 4
  • Fixed a problem with building (calculating) unit conversions for complex groups, such as W/(m2 K4)
  • Dialog for converting units changed to use buttons instead of a list
  • Minor display improvements
Version 2.0 Build 3
  • Fixed error in reading currency exchange rates when regional settings were set to use the comma (,) character as the decimal symbol
  • Fixed screen refresh problem with date of last exchange rate update following the update
Version 2.0 Build 2
  • Resolved compatibility issues with some Pocket PCs that caused some areas of the screen to fail to paint properly
Version 2.0 Build 1
  • Resolved some compatibility issues with Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile 2003
Version 2.0 Build 0
  • Initial release of Version 2.0.